Updated: Jul 26, 2019

it seems like a thousands years ago

i was in miami for the fairs

writing poems

on the hotel note pad

at the Shearbourne

and every year since

ive been down here working

forcing in 30 minutes on the beach

floating in the light blue sea

forgetting death

forgetting my mother

was alive

and working on the hotel note pad

free to write about you

to think about

what i have in new york

who i have

all that’s left

of everything

i always wanted

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six birds fly the form of freckles near your mouth i knew that you were the face of god that the sky was there for reading


god told me to get a haircut i was looking for my haiku about winter i dream i am already at work between the cars of the train a single flake of snow i have to write some of this shit down


i want to taste the female flavoring in your skin in your mouth to begin writing place the tip of the pencil at the top left corner of the page the last time i got my hair cut my mother was alive